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509N repulpable double-coated tape consists of a non-woven tissue carrier saturated with a water-soluble pressure sensitive adhesive. This is an ideal product for manual splicing of most grades of papers.
Suitable for paper splicing with manual roll changes in non-woven, paper- and printing industry. Product is advised to be used on all kind of supercalenders and rewinders.
  • Easy and quick overlap splice can be performed due to the high initial tack and adhesion to different papers.
  • A high temperature resistance of more than 200°C/392°F keeps the splice intact during the drying process.
  • Tape resists humidity for a limited period of time, though it is designed to be water soluble. Versatile through a range of environmental conditions.
  • Completely repulpable (release liner degrades fully into cellulose fibres).
  • Passes repulpability test by TAPPI Method UM213.
  • Hermetically sealed in plastic bags to maintain constant moisture content.
Adhesive typeGreen
Repulpable acrylic
Repulpable acrylic
Liner typeBrown siliconised glassine paperBrown siliconised glassine paper
Liner grammage95 g/m295 g/m2
Carrier typeNon-wovenNon-woven
Total thickness (without liner)110µ/4.0 mil110µ/4.0 mil
Shelf lifeThe warranty period of the product is indicated on the carton, subject to the conditions of storage. (ie. retained in the original packaging at 21°C/70°F and max. 70% relative humidity)* *see packaging and storage
PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES (not recommended for specification purposes)
Adhesion (on coated kraft 300g/m2)940 g/20mm; 33.18(oz)/0.8(in)1100 g/20mm; 39(oz)/0.8(in)
Heat resistance>200°C/392°F>200°C/392°F
Repulpability (tape)ExcellentExcellent
Ball tack3.35(in)/85mm6.0(in)/150mm
Cohesion (static)(300g/20mmx10mm/3hrs.)0.5mm/0.02(in)0mm/0(in)
Shear value25 Kg/4cm2; 55.0(lb)/0.62(in)223 Kg/4cm2; 50.7(lb)/0.62(in)2
Oozing (1.5T/7 days) 3.307.0(lb)/7 days2-3 papers attacked0-0 papers attacked
Release value (liner)20g/50mm; 0.71(oz)/2.0(in)5g/50mm; 0.18(oz)/2.0(in)
  • Remove the liner prior to splicing.
  • For optimum results, an even rub down pressure must be applied to the taped area to create the best possible adhesion between the tape and the web surface.
  • To obtain a "safety overlap splice", the splice area should be covered (top & bottom) by a non-siliconised single coated repulpable tape.
Note: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.

The performance of all adhesive products is affected by many factors: heat, humidity, type of substrate, texture, inks used and application technique. Our suggestions and recommendations concerning the use and application of our products are based on tests we believe are reliable. However, the purchaser must test the suitability of our products for their intended use under their own operating conditions. Protective Packaging assumes no liability for claims beyond the replacement value of any defective products, and is in no way liable for consequential or incidental damages.




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