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Highly versatile, premium-grade transfer tape designed for splicing, laminating and mounting applications. On-the-job dependability and quality construction make it popular with printers, converters, and end uses in the paper and film industries.

Capable of satisfying a wide range of applications, 593 is used: to splice foils, films and fabrics; as a laminating adhesive for foams; to mount rubber or photopolymer printing plates; to form high-speed flying splices; and, for miscellaneous joining and holding applications where high initial adhesion, easy liner release, and a thin, long aging bond are required.
  • Boasts a high-tack, "permanent" acrylic adhesive.
  • Liner is easy to initiate, easy to remove.
  • Adhesive will not bleed into most paper stocks, minimizing possible discoloration of printed piece.
  • Specially-formulated acrylic adhesive provides high adhesion vital to reliable splice formation.
  • As premium-grade product, offers users a combination of features that promote higher production line efficiencies and built-in reliability.
ConstructionAdhesive transfer tape
Adhesion43 oz. per in./479 gm per cm
Total tape thickness2.0 mils/0.051 mm
Heat resistance285° F/140° C
Note: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.

The performance of all adhesive products is affected by many factors: heat, humidity, type of substrate, texture, inks used and application technique. Our suggestions and recommendations concerning the use and application of our products are based on tests we believe are reliable. However, the purchaser must test the suitability of our products for their intended use under their own operating conditions. Protective Packaging assumes no liability for claims beyond the replacement value of any defective products, and is in no way liable for consequential or incidental damages.




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