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Protective Packaging carries one of the widest ranges of vinyl, plastic and paper protective materials, in-stock, of any national distributor in Canada.

We have specifically chosen materials suitable for a wide range of finishes and applications, including extremes of temperature, prolonged exposure to direct sun, and severe deformation processes.

Our vinyl line, SPV, is unique in the industry and provides absolutely superior performance for metals subjected to severe mechanical processes including deepdrawing, profiling and bending.

Our ProtecRite® poly line, SPP, contains a wide range of general and specialized materials to ensure that we will have the right protective poly film for the unique conditions of your application.

Our paper line provides a writeable surface. It is suitable where environmental and mechanical conditions are not severe.

Metal Protection

General Protection


For the graphic arts industries we carry a wide range of TransferRite® high performance pre-mask and application tapes.

Graphic Arts > TransferRite® Premask/Application Tapes

Splicing Tapes

In addition, we carry a line of specialized splicing tapes for newsprint manufacture and newspaper printing, and electrical utilities.

Splicing Tapes > Newsprint

Splicing Tapes > Electrical




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